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Month: December 2015

Are we drifting toward marriage or farther away?

December 31, 2015

I’ve been thinking about maybe getting married. I’ve been with my boyfriend for eight years, and I figured: Hey, may as well round that up to forever, right? When I suggested this to my boyfriend, Steve, he shrugged. “Sure,” he said. “Why not?” This romantic exchange happened while we were driving to West Virginia to […]

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Let me introduce you to my imaginary children

December 30, 2015

I have three musically gifted children. At least, that’s what I told the lady sitting behind me at an orchestra performance I recently attended. I went with my friend and her 3-year-old, and we were bopping along to the music in our seats. After a series of pointed huffs and sighs, a stern-looking woman tapped […]

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shirt gape

Is side-boob appropriate office attire?

December 27, 2015

It’s embarrassing when your office manager asks you to please wear a bra to work. It’s even worse when that message is delivered to you via telephone — as in, the game “telephone,” where the manager tells your cubicle-mate who tells the receptionist, who gives the message to your best friend. I know most women […]

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