Advanced praise for the novel, “Coronavirus”

Advanced praise for the novel, “Coronavirus”

“Sure to keep you in a state of gut-churning dread.” — NPR

“An unstoppable blockbuster.” — Entertainment Weekly

“This globe-spanning epic deftly traces the connections and fissures of modern society. Pick it up on the train, at work or at the gym — or anywhere, really.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred

“An engrossing reinvention of a time-honored genre, the novel ‘Coronavirus’ will be with us for years, perhaps decades, to come.” — Booklist

“It will make you hug your loved ones close and your hand-sanitizer closer.” — The New York Review of Books

“With a dark and moody atmosphere and shocking bouts of violence, the novel ‘Coronavirus’ follows Stieg Larsson’s template for statewide dominance.” — Publishers Weekly

“A riveting debut, interweaving tales of altruism and selfishness, wisdom and ignorance, far-sightedness and solipsism. The novel ‘Coronavirus’ shows humanity at its best and its worst.” — Los Angeles Times

“Ready or not, here it comes: After sweeping China and Europe, the novel, ‘Coronavirus’ is poised for American domination.” — The Atlantic

“Unlike the thematically similar ‘Climate Change,’ this ambitious new thriller keeps the pacing tight and the stakes clear: Will humanity band together to fight an unprecedented existential threat? Pick up this page-turner anywhere books are sold, and pretty much everywhere else.” — The Washington Post

“On weighty issues of economic justice and medical ethics, the novel ‘Coronavirus’ asks big questions but offers few answers. In the end, it’s as chaotic and meaningless as nature itself.” — The New Yorker

“A terrifying tale of a country collapsing under the weight of misinformation and hubris, thank goodness it’s only fiction. It is fiction, right?” — Fox News

“Just a single strand of fragile RNA, the novel ‘Coronavirus’ is overhyped, overrated and nearly impossible to read. The typeface is minuscule!” — Slate

“Compelling, but ultimately not worth the exorbitant cover price. ” — The Guardian

“It took over my bookshelf and started churning out replications of itself. Not recommended.” — Karen Brissette, Goodreads

“It’ll leave you breathless.” — USA Today

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