Service Journalism

I reviewed every single bathroom on the National Mall.

Guess how many working tampon machines I found.

We tried the weirdest pet products on the internet.

If you don’t have a pupoose, get one immediately.

How to pet a red panda.

I took my adorable ginger cousins on an adventure they won’t soon forget. Because it was terrifying.

I spent 24 hours at Spa World.

And I found a secret history hidden in the palimpsest signage.

How to find D.C.’s accidental museum of paleontology.

(This story won an honorable mention from the Society of Feature Journalism.)

How to become the Cherry Blossom Queen

It’s not a beauty contest, it’s more of an essay contest! The winner gets a pearl necklace, a free trip to Japan, and a leading role in the Cherry Blossom Parade.

As the Washington Post’s “Staycationer” I reviewed pretty much every tourist attraction in D.C.

This body of work won a 2019 prize from the Society for Features Journalism, which called it “Chatty, pointed and wonderfully witty.”