Science and Nature Writing

What it’s Like to be Faceblind

On the cusp of my 40th birthday, I discovered that I have prosopagnosia. This explains a lot.

The Crane Who Fell In Love With a Human

Cranes mate for life. But when one white-naped crane earned the reputation as a black widow, an intrepid zookeeper found an unlikely way to fight extinction.

Nurtured by Nature

My pandemic mental health journey: When it became too dangerous to socialize with humans, I made friends with birds.

Writing Music For Monkeys

NSO Cellist David Teie knows how to make tamarinds swing. (This story was runner-up for the Evert Young/Seth Payne Award for young science journalists.)

New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

Research shows that children can plan for the future if you give them a little help.

Bonus: Stories I wrote as senior science writer for the APA’s psychology magazine.